Media for Transparent Public Finances

This project was implemented on the territory of the Republic of Serbia from January to July 2019 as a part of the initiative "Balkan monitoring public finances"

The project was implemented in cooperation with Fractal and partners in the project "CSOs as equal partners in monitoring public finances", within the program of the European Commission - Civil Society Facility and Media Program 2014-2015. The main goal of the project was more transparent public finances for citizens through strengthening the capacity of local media to actively monitor, research and inform the public about issues and policy processes related to public finances at the local level.

The project lasted six months, during which four one-day training sessions were organized on the topic "Research and monitoring of public finances at the local level". The training sessions were organized in Belgrade, Čačak, Niš and Novi Sad, and a total of 68 representatives of local media and civil society organizations went through them. Throughout the project, we conducted an online campaign and promoted project activities. The online campaign was followed by blogs whose focus was on the transparency of public finances and covered the topics of public procurement, budget, access to information of public importance, tax justice. At the final conference, in June 2019, we presented the results of the project and the "Manual for monitoring, researching and reporting on public finances at the local level". The manual was written primarily for representatives of the media and civil society organizations, but we hope that it will be useful to other citizens as well.



representatives of the media, civil society organizations and other citizens who had participated in the trainings


downloaded "Manuals for monitoring, research and reporting on public finances at the local level"


published blogs on public finance during the project


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Trening Čačak
Trening Niš
Trening Novi Sad
Balkan Monitoring Public Finances